Del 18 al 24 : muestra de cine documental



2 Responses to “Del 18 al 24 : muestra de cine documental”

  1. 18 mayo 2009 en 17:29

    muy bueno lista de pelis, espero que mucho de nuestros amig@s vienen, 10 dias pasado, el grupo BCN EN TRANSICION hacer una noche de pelis, muchos sobre experiences de america latina:
    infos con muchos cortos y mas: http://itsafunnyoldworld.wordpress.com/2009/05/05/pelis-por-pachamama/#comment-191

    hasta pronto

  2. 21 mayo 2009 en 14:56

    Saludos a todos, que buena esta festival, gracias.

    noticias nuevos:

    R.I.P. Fr. Larry Rosebaugh draft board raider, anti-war resister, Oblate missionary shot to death in Guatamela

    For those who knew him and knew of him we are shocked and saddened by the killing of Larry in Guatamela. Larry served the poor in the streets of the U.S. and at the bloody edges of the empire…..El Salvador, Brazil, Guatamela. His nonviolent resistance was steadfast from the draft board raids of the Vietnam War to the School of the Americas at Ft. Benning and many places between.


    Peruvian Indigenous Groups Fight Plans to Develop Natural Resources

    And the Peruvian government has sent troops into the Amazon to squash protests by Peruvian indigenous groups who oppose plans to develop the region’s natural resources. On Friday, the Interethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Jungle called for an insurgency against new laws that open up natural resource sectors like gas, lumber and oil to private investors.

    Indigenous leader Alberto Pizango: “The national committee for the struggle appointed by all of you has decided, by expressed mandate, to prepare itself to declare our indigenous communities as an insurgency against the government of Mr. Alan Garcia Perez…Insurgency means disobeying the government because of the mistreatment. They abuse us. They are killing our communities.”



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